Atkinson Engineering has been providing pre-design, design and post-design engineering services to heavy, medium, and light industrial clients for over forty years. Industrial projects have ranged from new multi-million dollar complexes for large international firms to small process equipment upgrades for locally owned plants.

Atkinson Engineering has extensive experience in various industrial sectors to draw upon to create design teams made up of individuals from all major disciplines which are most suited to a particular project.

Photos: (clockwise from top left): Grain Receiving Building and Equipment Tower, Galvanizing Line Mini-Spangle, Desolventizer Plant

Steel Mill Projects

  1. Galvanizing Line Improvement Program
  2. Continuous Galvanizing Line - Furnace Support Structure
  3. Galvanizing Line - Building Ventilation Study and Improvements
  4. Steel Blanking Plant - Major Building Addition
  5. Silicone Line - Electrolytic Strip Cleaner
  6. Galvanizing Line - Strip Bypass Structure
  7. Electrolytic Tinning Line - Process Automation
  8. Steel Coil Batch Anneal - Process Automation and Baywater System Upgrade
  9. Electrolytic Tinning Line - Fire Investigation and Retrofit

Edible Oil Production Projects

  1. Distillation Plant Upgrade

Automotive Casting Projects

  1. Aluminum Casting Plant - New Corporate Office and Repair Shop
  2. Aluminum Casting Plant - 1997-1998 Plant Expansions
  3. New Aluminum Die-Casting Plant
  4. Aluminum Castings - Plant and Process Upgrades
  5. Aluminum Casting Plant - New Die-Casting Aisle
  6. Magnesium and Aluminum Casting - New Die-Casting Facility
  7. New Plastic Injection Molding Plant
  8. Catalytic Converter Core Manufacturing - Plant and Process Improvements

Material Handling Projects

  1. Lime Processing Plant - Lime Storage Facility
  2. Grain Receiving and Storage Facility
  3. Grain Processing - New Conveyor and Diverter Gates
  4. Coal and Coke Conveyors and Support Structures for Steel Industries

Photos: (from the top): Pickle Line Complex, Steel Coil Painting
Facility, Existing Power Plant and Addition for Cogeneration

Utilities Projects

  1. McMaster University - Central Utilities Plant Upgrades
  2. London Health Sciences Centre - Gas Turbine Cogeneration
  3. Boiler Plant Upgrades
  4. Complete Cooling Water System Upgrades at Various Plants
  5. Compressed Air System Upgrades at Various Plants
  6. Emergency Generator Installations for Plants and Institutions

General Industry Projects

  1. Colour Toner Plant Modifications
  2. Steel Coil Painting Facility - Plant Improvements
  3. Transformer Windings Manufacturer - New Slitter Line Foundations
  4. Textile Manufacturing Plant - Blending Equipment Installation
  5. Chemical Manufacturing Plant - Tank Foundations
  6. New Continuous Paint Coating Line
  7. Coil Coating Line - Chemical Treatment Plant
  8. Silo Foundations at various Cement Plants


  1. Conceptual Studies and Cost Estimates
  2. Utility and Ventilation Studies

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London Health Sciences Centre - Gas Turbine Cogeneration Pickle Line Complex Steel Coil Painting Facility - Plant Improvements New Desolventizer and Extraction Plant Modifications Grain Receiving and Storage Facility Galvanizing Line Improvement Program