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Automation and Controls

Atkinson Engineering Inc. provides controls engineering services for automation systems ranging from Building Automation, Laboratory Controls to Industrial Process Automation. Designs include incorporating proprietary systems controlling air handling and building environment controls as well as design of complete building systems (heat exchange, pumping, space temperature and humidity, building metering, air handling unit and central utility plant controls) incorporating standardized products integrated into the owners' existing DDC systems. Laboratory control systems projects include controls for air volume and temperature, fans, air handlers, fume and laminar flow hoods, local exhaust and clean rooms. PLC technology has been utilized for industrial systems to tie in field devices and process equipment for controlling various industrial processes. Some examples of control systems designed by Atkinson Engineering Inc. are:

  • Hybrid variable volume dual duct air conditioning/outdoor air ventilation systems and controls for large multi-use institutional buildings.
  • Dual duct cooling/ventilation VAV box air controls with temperature, occupancy and CO2 room sensors.
  • Building metering combining electrical power measurement with auxiliary chilled water, steam, city water and natural gas flow, temperature and pressure measurement all tied into central utilities system.
  • Glycol systems for both cooling and heating decoupled through heat exchangers for winter heat reclaim on chilled water district cooling.
  • Central plant district cooling controls for chillers, cooling towers, winter free cooling heat exchanger, variable flow primary pumping systems, network branch piping flow, temperature and pressure metering and water treatment automation.
  • Ventilation system controls for industrial plants and processes utilizing both natural and mechanical exhaust systems.
  • Custom designs for animal holding rooms, clean rooms, art studios, biohazard labs, perchloric acid hoods.
  • Laboratories with multiple fume hoods of both variable volume and two-position airflow types.
  • Volume/static pressure control of central fume exhaust manifold with multiple exhaust fans on a common plenum.
  • Critical space temperature, humidity and airflow controls for x-ray, mass spectrometer and nuclear magnetic resonance equipment.
  • Local exhaust systems for industrial and laboratory processes.

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